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Our Centers

Buddhist Center Murau and Judenburg and Meditation Place Mautern

Buddhist Center Murau

8850 Murau, Liechtensteinstraße 1

Tel.: 0650 / 544 47 22



Styria Buddhist Center Judenburg

8750 Judenburg, Hauptplatz 4

Tel.: 0650 / 544 47 22


Styria Meditation Place Mautern

8774 Mautern, Klostergasse 5d, 1st Floor

Tel.: 0699 /102 48 084


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Meditation schedule

Regular Meditation Times


Tuesday 8:00pm: Meditation on 16th Karmapa

Tuesday 7:00pm: (every 1st Tuesday of the month) Introduction to Buddhism Regular Meditation Times

Thursday 8:00pm: Meditation on 16th Karmapa
Friday     7:00pm: common practice

Friday     8:00pm: Meditation on 16th Karmapa
Friday     7:00pm: (every 1st Tuesday of the month)

Introduction to Buddhism Regular Meditation Times

Wednesday 8:00pm: Meditation on 16th Karmapa



The history of the Diamond Way Buddhist centers in Upper Styria, dates back to 2002. Since then, interested people met for common meditation every Tuesday evening in Oberwölz. The small group grew steadily from a regional group to become a real Buddhist center. Due to popular demand, in May 2008, we established a second center directly in downtown Judenburg, since then we meditate there every Friday at 8pm.


In autumn 2008, the new center in Judenburg was visited by Lama Ole Nydahl and inaugurated. By the end of 2010 we rebuilt the entire center due to the acute shortage of space, the Gompa was significantly increased, and a further meditation is held every Thursday evening at 8pm. Even the original center in Oberwölz outgrow the increasing demand and in early summer of 2011 we moved to a new and larger location in Murau, since then we meditate there on Tuesday jointly by 8pm. Important in both places is the time for joint exchange of ideas and a regular discussion about Buddhism. Every interested person is welcome to stop by at our lectures or participate in one of the meditation evenings, no previous knowledge is required. The basis of our activities is a common meditation on the 16th Karmapa, held weekly at two locations.


In addition, you can learn about other Diamond Way meditations. We offer introductory lectures, common practice and weekend classes with different travel teachers. The lectures and weekend classes are held alternately in the two centers in Judenburg and Murau.On request from Lama Ole there is also a new place available in Mautern since 6th of June 2012.







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